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The Graceful Exit

The exit interview can be a tricky situation to navigate if you're the type of person who believes that honesty and integrity aren't simply buzzwords for marketing campaigns.

Top Tools of the Part-Time Trade

Some of us work hard to hide this fact, but I think honesty only helps me in my daily trip down the freelance road.

No Longer Walking The Line

After 2 weeks of being sidelined with the dreaded omicron variant, followed by a sudden death in the family (for which I'm now traveling roughly 700 miles across the country to attend a funeral), I can honestly say this was not how I hoped my new year would

Lotus Moment: The Year Of The Dog

And if you're of the entrepreneurial mindset, business aspirations are definitely worth your time and dedication if you hope to see growth fueled by integrity and honesty.

Don't Curse

Bloggers who drop a Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea here or an F-bomb there are sometimes regarded as being more “real” than those who go the. Tebow. route. Anything too “vanilla” is viewed with suspicion and doubt.

Sometimes You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

It's meant jokingly, but there's a bit of honesty there too. If you're a part-time freelancer, your day job may take priority over your schedule at some of the most inconvenient times.

The Glorification of Busy

I know plenty of people have busy schedules, and quite honestly, it can be a blessing more than a curse if you live in the "feast or famine" world of freelance.

Coping With Disappointment

Honesty and self-awareness are very important to me. If I don't assess what went right versus what. gang aft agley. , I'm simply not being true to myself and my business will suffer for it. So here it goes.

Learning To Give & Receive ... Criticism

Instead of being honest with Michelle and telling her why owning a magazine wasn’t in my path, I presumed that her feelings ego mattered more than my honesty. I replied that I didn’t know how to start a magazine.

What Does It Mean To Be Neo-Boheme

I've struggled with naming my blog anything specific over the years because an official name wasn't that important to me, plus the content wasn't all that cohesive, if I'm being honest.