Your Shining Light in Clarity and Content

With more than a decade of experience in sculpting the written word, Candace Nicholson writes and edits content for artists, charities and entrepreneurs.


Producing content for everything from concert reviews and mission statements to radio scripts and white papers


Collaborating with multiple departments to successfully launch and maintain your project on time and within budget


Polishing your message for a clarity, consistency and style that will leave your audience coming back for more


Fact checking and analyzing information from multiple sources to give you the most accurate and compelling data for your project

My Specialities

Designers, Coders and Photographers abound!

But where can you turn when you need
smooth, accurate and captivating content?

Right here!

Only here can you hire a personable, enthusiastic and goal-oriented professional who, in addition to editing for trade and consumer publications, also enjoys writing about arts & culture, health, history, social issues and subcultural trends.

Whether you’re looking for a qualified fact checker, eagle-eyed editor or media-savvy freelance writer,
I guarantee that I’ll wield my creativity, patience and flexibility like no other to deliver engaging and thought-provoking content for you.

Contact me today and let me show you what I can do for you!


Incandescere connects artists, charities and entrepreneurs to evocative, polished and professional prose.