Your Shining Light in Clarity and Content

With more than a decade of experience in sculpting the written word, Candace Nicholson writes and edits content that makes your message shine.


Producing original content you can be proud of --- Feature Writing * Blogging * Copy Writing


Polishing your message for clarity, consistency and style --- Copy Editing * Medical Editing * Development Editing


Preparing your project for success on time, every time --- Researching * Collaborating * Troubleshooting


Fact checking and analyzing information from multiple sources to give you the most accurate and compelling data for your project

My Specialities

Designers, Coders and Photographers abound!

But where can you turn when you need
smooth, accurate and captivating content?

Right here!

Who Am I?

I’m a freelance writer and editor who creates intelligent, dynamic prose that connects, teaches and provokes your audience into remembering you and your message.

What Do You Need?

Tailor-made content, conscientious editing and warm, personable coaching in written self-expression without it getting weird.

What Do I Provide?

Rich storytelling that lives on in your audiences’ minds like great fiction — except your story will be true.

Why Choose Me?

Anyone creating a path that will enrich their lives or their community deserves to have their voice heard. I will help you raise your voice and shine a spotlight on you for all to see.


Incandescere connects artists, charities and entrepreneurs to evocative, polished and professional prose.